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Photos / Web

Bringing out the beauty of human photos, product photos, natural scenery and all forms of photo objects. Photography for e-commerce, online or offline advertising. Digital imagery for web sites and personal albums.

Services include:

Custom graphic design
Cropping, colour enhancement, restoration and resizing
Scanning into digital format: jpg, gif, psd
Sepia, black and white formats
Removing backgrounds
Retouching service

  • Remove unwanted objects
  • Replace specific object from your image
  • Create vignettes and silhouetting images
  • Create a soften focus effect
  • Combine photos using layer masks
  • Change the directional lighting
  • Crop, resize and resample an image
  • Reduce the film grain effect
  • Edit your photo with Photoshop editing tools to sharpen, blur, dodge, and burn
  • Enhance facial features; fix imperfections, scratches and dust
  • Subdue or blur the background to change focal point

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Hecate Strait Drive South Dobies Mayer Lake

Ship's Point Trees Pesuta 1928  Pansies

Ferzie Honeysuckle Laundry Line Assembly Day

Web Maintenance
Web site maintenance with Dreamweaver

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